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Eric Napoletano and Marilyn Coludro

2007: You don't hear a lot about this particular story. The story made headlines mostly in New York and New Jersey. There is also a book written about the case. The book is called Mama's Boy by Richard T. Pienciak. It's a good read.

Brief timeline of Eric Napoletano
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

September 1984
Wanda marries Eric Napoletano. The two start having major problems and Wanda's mother, Gladys Matos suggests that her daughter leave Eric. On April 29, 1985, Gladys Matos is shot to death as she was leaving to go to work. 

Eric is married to his wife second wife Myra Acevedo Napoletano. His mother doesn't like her or any of his girlfriends because he usually chooses very ethnic looking young ladies. Myra thought that Eric was so nice and sweet in the beginning of the relationship, but he became a monster. Not being able to take it anymore, she told Eric that she was leaving him and taking the boys to live in Puerto Rico with her family. Then, she just disappeared from their home in Clifton. Her mom filed a missing person's report, but the report was never transferred to the correct department. According to Penciak's book, Napoletano's mother was responsible for the miscommunication.

July 9, 1990
 Myra Acevedo's body was later found buried in a make shift grave in a remote part of New Castle County, Delaware bordering New Jersey. She was just 22 years old at the time.

 1993 The Conviction
In May 1993 when Eric Napoletano was found guilty of the murder of his wife Myra Acevedo Napoletano. He is sentenced to 32 years to life in prison.

Eric's mother was in all kinds of trouble. His mother 56 year old Carolyn Napoletano was under investigation for obstructing justice and lying to the police regarding Eric during the New Jersey investigation of Myra Acevedo Napoletano. Myra had been reported missing by her mother, but the police department never got the communication. His mother who was working in the communication division at the time was suspected of not sending the missing person's report.  But, Eric Napoletano came to his mother's rescue by pleading guilty to murdering Marilyn Coludro. He was found guilty of her murder. In exchange the charges against his mother were dropped. Carolyn Napoletano worked for the New York Police Department. She ended up quitting her job at the Midtown South precinct in 1997. She was 57 years old at the time.


Sources say this woman protected her son's wrong doing all of his life. All the while she was working as a fill in cop and administrative assistant at the NYPD. They also say that Carolyn never liked his wife Myra. In fact, she made a disparaging comment about the girl when she was finally identified as a murder victim. She left the NYPD.

When the verdict was read, Eric showed very little emotion at the first trial. At the second trial he constantly smiled and smirked in court.

An ex girlfriend of Eric Napoletano named Jennifer Meade testified on the stand that while they were dating Eric told her that his wife was not coming back.

The races were changed to white in the movie. The girls and wives were mostly all Hispanic.

When Eric was growing up his life was unstable and turbulent. He and his mother fought constantly. Carolyn Napoletano stated that they were very close, but that the relationship was more like friends or a sibling relationship instead of mother and son. In fact, when she did not want to deal with Eric any longer, she allowed him to stay with an older man. They ended up becoming lovers. This ex lover actually testified in court against Eric.

2012: It appears that Carolyn Margaret Napoletano is still alive and living in an apartment in New York. She is about 72 years old now. 

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